*Current Litters*
Joy's Halston(Sable Point) x  Murphy Brown (tort)
3 Kits - 1 Sable Point, 1 Blue Tort, 1 Tort
THF Saynora's Fathead(tort) x Saynora's Hunybunch(tort)
2 Kits - 2 Torts
THF Saynora's Fathead(tort) x Joy's Hefr(brkn Sable pt)
1 Kit - Broken Sable Point
Raffay's Delroy(black) x Halston's Princess(brkn tort)
1 Kit - Broken Black fostered to Hefr
Raffay's Pride(tort) x Raffay's Cubic(sable point)
3 Kits - 2 Torts, 1 Blue Tort
                  *Confirmed Breedings*
Rogers Dino(brkn tort) x Rogers Texarkana(brkn tort)
Raffay's Pride(tort) x Raffay's Trixie(sable point)
Raffay's Pride(tort) x Raffay's Donut(black)
THF Saynora's Fathead(tort) x THF Saynora's Kiss(tort)
                  *Planned Breedings*
THF Saynora's Fathead(tort) x Srr Kiana (tort)
THF Saynora's Fathead(tort) x BBB's Sidney(brkn tort)
Joy's Lino(brkn tort) x THF Saynora's Melinda(tort)
Raffay's Delroy(black) x Rogers' Elektra(brkn Blk)
Rogers' Dino(brkn tort) x Rogers' Reba(tort)
L&R Toby(blue tort) x Joy's Bubbles(bkn Bl tort)
Secret Weapon(brkn tort) x Amy's Tamar(brn blue tort)
THF Saynora's Babar(bl tort) x L&R ET Girl(brkn tort)

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