German Import Himi Buck
                         1 ARBA Leg
Beautiful Blue Himi Buck with a nice tanky body, short and upright with small thick ears!
Flash....Our Boy Wins BOG at the San Antonio RBA Show under Judge Maurice Etter!


                 Dad's Splash
                                   2 Legs
Gorgeous Siamese Sable buck, natural poser with a beautiful head, thick ear and width of body! Shown twice both times Best of Variety!  Thanks Cesar & Trey!
             (Photo Courtesy of CT Rabbitry) 

We have a New Netherland Buck!
Woollet's King Louie - Black Himi Buck
Plus 3 New Babies Born here:
By: GC Garrett's David x Garrett's No Smoke
Garrett's Smokin! - Siamese Smoke Pearl Buck
Garrett's Up In Smoke - Smoke Pearl Buck
Thanks Garrett!
By:  KP's Little Tyke x KP's Chiquita
KP's Little Nicky - Siamese Smoke Pearl Buck
Thanks Kadie!

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